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  • Bolor Amgalan

7in7 Day 7: Signed by Craft

Continuing the idea of craft specific gestures, an idea I had long wanted to try (so as to get it out of my system and move on...) was the idea of craft gesture based signatures.

Those who craft mark their work in various ways to allow it to be easily identifiable, as well distinguishable from other work. In some ways, this may of marking or signing a work makes it possible to authenticate craft objects, thus giving it certain value. But signatures can be faked, and other markings and stamps can also be replicated quite easily. In the case of digital craft objects though, the virtual existence of the object opens up various digital ways of signing and authenticating.

Below is what I am conceptualizing as a series of craft gesture based signatures. Each gesture-signature traces the hand of the craftsman as it manipulates a material and records these traces as lines recorded over the course of a certain time frame. When overlapped, the traced lines of the hand form a unique signature that can be used to sign objects with, and it could also function as a method of authenticating virtual-only 3D objects, giving them the 'hand-crafted' value.

Gesture-signatures of four different craftsmen


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