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  • Bolor Amgalan

Community of practitioners: list of 10

24 October 2019

During class today we made a list of people who inspire us, whose work is good precedent for, or is informing, our research, or who we simply think would be able to help us with out project in one way or another.

Below is my list:

Neri Oxman

Buckminster Fuller - efficient forms

Timo Rissanen

Nick Paganelli

Jenny Underwood

Sean Ahlquist

a programmer...

John Sharp (added upon suggestion by Anezka)

Lygia Clark (added upon suggestion by Anna)

We then discussed about these people's work and created another action plan more focused on connecting with our community of practitioners.


  • Make appointment with John.

  • Make appointment with Timo, but later in the semester.

  • Check out Human Motor book by Anson Rabinbach about the human hand.

  • Richard Sennett - a professor of sociology at NYU and London School of Economics. Also, author of The Craftsman - The Craftsman names a basic human impulse: the desire to do a job well for its own sake. Although the word may suggest a way of life that waned with the advent of industrial society, Sennett argues that the craftsman’s realm is far broader than skilled manual labor; the computer programmer, the doctor, the parent, and the citizen need to learn the values of good craftsmanship today.

  • Christiane Paul - professor of Media Studies at The New School studying digital realms and digital expressions, specifically what drives people to make the digital art they make.

  • Prosthetics theory from architecture - recommend by June

  • Golan Levin - MIT Media Lab alum who works a lot with leap motion, RGB kit, Kinect etc.

  • Minecraft staircase example shows the complexity of navigating up/down a staircase using the right keystrokes - recommended by Jeffrey

  • ADVICE: Be on a journey that actively discovers something for yourself. Develop a point of view. Thesis is a conversation. That's what will make it readable.

  • ASSIGNMENT: Make something that is the essence of your project: "an interface that challenges gestural expression to create a woven piece of mat".


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