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  • Bolor Amgalan

Domain mapping + action plan

During class we did a domain mapping exercise whereby we first did the mapping ourselves and then let everyone else in the class to comment on different aspects of the map. For example, on things that were not clear to them, things that intrigued them or gave them ideas/advice/comment for us and any other thing worth noting such as references to look at.

For this exercise, I picked GAME DYNAMICS and TACTILE GAME INTERFACES as my domains. Within this domain, I drew references to WAR – fight for something/fight to win and INTIMACY – collaboration.

The questions that drove this exercise were:

  • Can a game embody both elements: war and intimacy?

  • Would the game be like a metaphor for how the world is today faced with global warming?

Below is my map and the comments I received on sticky notes:


- Why imbalance? Can you specify this imbalance?

- Are game dynamics necessarily imbalanced? Why choose game as the medium?

- What causes the conflict?

- Why it can't be a game you play by yourself?

- Now you have to look at Starcraft 2: Archon Mode. Ask me about it (Jeffrey).

- Keep talking and nobody explodes VR game.

- Are these two domains intersecting in your project?

- What is the alternative to fast fashion? How to dress billions and billions of people?

- Nudism.

- What are the limitations of the hand in the game experience?

- Where did the game angle come from all the sudden?

- The making of textile can also be a harmless process.

- Check out Spec Ops: The Line, a war games that invokes empathy from the player. Is the hand like the Smash Bros boss? Or the hand of the market?



Take a bird’s eye look at your domains, research collected, and prototypes developed. Are there any gaps you can identify? What are they and what questions do you have about these?

So far, I think I have been approaching the concept of craft with the bias of a textile designer. Although I have made several attempts in the past to try to define what craft is, AND came to understand that defining it is not going to help me as much as I thought it would – because over the course of history the definition of craft seems to have morphed and adapted based on the framing of each research project - I am beginning to also realize that to make progress in my own project, I need to define craft for myself, then be aware of how this definition changes as I progress in my making and conceptualization.

In realizing this need to define craft for myself – and only for myself, for this project – I am beginning to see how this is giving me more control over my own thinking process and how I conceptualize. Through this, it feels that I have gained some degree of objective clarity over where my project is going.

When I begin to define craft specifically, I am beginning to see how craft can augment as well as be augmented.


A to-do list of things to refer to, read/watch more about and questions to try to answer:

1. What is StarCraft 2: Archon Mode?

2. Most wars are about economic conflict tied to cultural ideologies – find about more about wars that took place because of craft related conflicts – the Silk Road? Opium crisis linked to trade…

3. Should we go nude in VR?

4. What are the limitations of the hand in the game experience?

5. Spec Ops: The Line – a war game that invokes empathy from the player

6. Smash Bros – the boss or the hand of the market?

7. System dynamics, system imbalance

8. Keep talking and nobody explodes VR game?

9. Symbiotic Earth by James Lovelock

10. Communism as a system dynamic?

11. What/Who is my community of practice???


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