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  • Bolor Amgalan

Prototype: controller 4 collaborative battling

I initially wanted to design a controller that, when a player uses it, would enable the player to control an aspect of the game, but simultaneously it would be creating either a woven or braided structure depending on how the controller is used. In effect, through the process of playing the game, the player is weaving/braiding at the same time. Depending on the exact nuances of handling the controller, the woven structure would be unique and specific to that game session.

I wanted to focus on rotation and create a system that upon rotation would also somehow be weaving. Below is my initial paper prototype that I created in week 3:

Figuring out the right mechanism was hard and I eventually ended up creating a single controller for two players to use at the same time to play the game of pong. A cylindrical shaped controller with rotating top is controlled by both players. Two photoresistors are placed at the top of the cylinder, partially covered by materials with different opacity. When players rotate this top part of the controller, they are essentially controlling how much light their photoresistor is exposed to which affects the position of their pong paddle.

below is the video:


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