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  • Bolor Amgalan

Reflection post: 7in7 midway point

From your prototype processes so far, how has form factored into your decision-making?

I have been using my making as a thinking tool to try out the ideas I have in my mind and give them form. The form they take is the form I assign to the idea in my mind and I have not tried anything experimental with form so far such as assigning a different form to an idea that already has a form. That would be an interesting exercise to try and I know from previous experiences that it can often lead to more interesting ideas.

During the MFA DT Bootcamp this year, I designed a deck of cards with design prompts on each that students pick from (without knowing what the prompt is) and each card asks a "How Would We?" question that prompts the student to see their project from a different angle. Below is a screenshot of some of the prompts. Perhaps it would be interesting to try out a couple of these prompts myself.

Have you tried new forms or tools that you are not familiar with, have you created something that has materialized in a way that you didn't plan for?

My Day1 project, The Infinite Rope, has a video showing how the rope would work to create virtual macrame objects. I initially did not imagine the video to be as long as it is (~3 minutes) and did not plan to have so many knotting showing in the video. But I realized that after including 9 knotting sequences in the video that just watching the knots get formed one after another in repetitive fashion, and the virtual macrame object slowly increasing in knot number, is in fact quite a pleasing, meditative experience. It prompted me to ask, "As a form of entertainment, could this work?"

In terms of trying out new tools/forms, I think my Day3 project that attempts to visualize a 3D human-scale space is something I am not very familiar with, but something I am very interested in.


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