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  • Bolor Amgalan

7in7 Day 3: Reimagining the Fashion Show

Today's prototype is called "Reimagining the Fashion Show".

Why do people choose to spend time in brick-and-mortar retail stores? If they are seeking tangible experiences, why do people go to retail sites for this instead of other types of spaces? Does the intensity of "experiencing" what one is buying lend to the "thrill" that shopping is supposed to engender? Is there a way to experience an object in a transactional way, but without attaching monetary value to it?

These were the questions presented to me based on my field observation. If people go to brick and mortar stores seeking experiences that they cannot find anywhere else, does the feeling they get at a store stem from the anticipation of owning a new item? Could this anticipation be replicated with an almost theatrical experience of witnessing the very creation process of the item they will own very soon? Could customers be made to witness the birth of the item they are about to own through a highly theatrical story-infused, and meaningful experience. How can the concept of a fashion show be completely reimagined?


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