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  • Bolor Amgalan

Woven 3D display: prototype ideas

While writing my research impetus, I had several ideas for my next prototype. All of them were implementation focused exploring the idea of a woven 3D display. I was intrigued by the possibility of controlling individual warp and weft yarns (the vertically and horizontally running yarns, respectively, that make up a woven cloth).

The below sketch illustrates the concept of woven 3D display. When pressure is applied to the cloth-display, it will sink in at the pressure spot (shown in red on the figure on the left). As a complete system, the cloth-display can morph in response to physical pressure applied, creating a physical change, which would also reflect in the digital simulation version of the cloth (as seen on the right figure below).

In the below figures I explored the possibility of controlling a yarn using some kind of suspension system whereby different points/areas on the yarn are controlled by a rigid rod of some kind (drawn in red). When individual rods move up (see arrows below), they move with them the part of the yarn (drawn in grey) that they are attached to.

Similarly, below is a system that lifts up yarns. The rigid rods (red) curl around each yarn (grey) at specific points.


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