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Stills from the presentation of The Story of Bob light projected story telling session
The Story of Bob
The Story of Bob
The Story of Bob
The Story of Bob
The Story of Bob

The Story of Bob

An Arduino project reinventing story time

A story-telling device was built using Arduino and custom-made comic-strip style storyboards embedded with conductive strips (magenta coloured areas below indicate their placement). The strips triggered various sounds - of an alarm buzzing, a microwave beeping, a person eating, cars honking, stereo playing and people chattering - and added another dimension to storytelling. The interactive nature of the whole act aims to encourage a more active storytelling session between parent and child, making way for more engaging educational storytelling sessions. Light projection was used to bring the story to life.


Bolor Amgalan

(Conceptualisation + artwork + Arduino configuration + presentation);

Nicole Perez

(Arduino configuration + presentation)

The Story of Bob storyboards (showing placement of audio triggers)

The sun shines its glorious rays on our town. The alarm "buzzes". Bob is up and realises he is craving for warm porridge. He places the oats in the microwave. Not long after, the microwave "beeps" and the porridge is ready.

He navigates through the busy roads,  "honking" and turning. He finally reaches the Studio.

Bob is happy with his well-cooked porridge. He "eats" it well. It's time to leave for the Studio. He leaves the house and gets in his car.

Greeted by his colleagues, Bob turns on the "stereo" for some rhythm. He then goes to join his friends in a ritual of "chatter" and liberating dance moves.

Making with Arduino
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