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Trans:form 2013


A hyperbolic form
Multi-application modular form fabrication technique

Trans:form: A Hyperbolic Form is a project with multiple stages of research, experimentation and making leading to the development of a form fabrication technique based on hyperbolic geometry.

The initial form fabrication method was developed by me and later, as part of a group project, it was developed further through different materials.

From this point onward starts the second part of the project. Teams were formed and one form fabrication technique was selected by each team to develop it further. My team decided to pursue my hyperbolic form fabrication technique (above) further.

Team leader:

Bolor Amgalan

(material research, experimentation & making)

Team members:

Zayra Dolores, Gigi Swann, Alison Hope Murray

(site photography, material experimentation, making, poster design)

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